The Lynnwood Group LLC


  • We are very pleased with the short-term results and long-term prospects brought to our organization by Lynnwood. Our goal was to bring about long-term improvement and a mentality of continuous improvement by strengthening our human resource foundation. Lynnwood was successful in leading us through the transformation of our approach to process improvement.

    John Aviles – Site Manager, DSM Desotech Inc.
  • The Lynnwood Group, Inc. has done an excellent job of identifying and solving operational bottlenecks in our production and warehouse/shipping operations. Over the years, they have helped our company change its manufacturing culture, and significantly improve shop floor control. Lynnwood provided essential training in the principles of Lean Manufacturing. Training included management, supervisor and shop floor associates, along with periodic follow-ups to ensure that concepts were understood and utilized effectively.

    John Aviles – Site Manager, DSM Desotech Inc.
  • If you are looking for a group to help with your project, you need to talk with this group. You will find that the energy, concern, and detail that this group puts forth are above any group that you have ever worked with.

    Jerry Hammons – Operations Manager, Toyobo Kureha America Company, Ltd.